At Willow Tree Landscaping, we take pride in our work.  That is our motivation behind each of our projects.  We take the needs and ideas of our clients and combine them with our expertise and design knowledge to create a landscape area that reflects pride of ownership as well as curb appeal.

Landscape Services:



Bring symmetry between your home and garden and define your outdoor living space with hardscape elements.  When designed with style and vision, hardscapes can beautify the architecture of your home while creating functionality in your outdoor environment.

Hardscape Services:



Outdoor lighting can transform a property at night while also highlighting special features such as conversation areas, fountains, pools, walkways and more.  Evening lighting is essential for safety along paths and walkways and for all season enjoyment of gardens and outdoor living areas.  Whether it is for entertaining, relaxation or safety, allow our expert staff at Willow Tree Landscaping to help you design a lovely nightscape to extend the enjoyment of your landscape.

Lighting Services:



Willow Tree Landscaping can provide you with the irrigation system that is custom designed for the specific needs of your property.  We will evaluate your need to maintain the beauty and quality of your property and combine that with cost and water efficient systems that provide you with the best service available.  We can also evaluate your existing system to ensure your water usage is being used as efficiently as possible.

Irrigation Services:



Promoting healthy growth of all exterior landscaped areas is our maintenance goal.  There is no doubt that having an aesthetically pleasing lawn area brings compliments to your property.  Maintenance contracts can be written for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits for time periods of 3 months on up. 

Maintenance Services:



Willow Tree Landscaping offers our commercial properties the same quality services on a larger scale.  From parks, recreational facilities, office buildings and health care facilities, to apartment complexes, schools and retail centers, our quality construction and design are reflected in these larger venues.  Your property will stand out above the rest.  We know that hard work and quality leadership produce successful projects.